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Case Study - Thai Patio

Owner from Thailand the American dream come true

Case Study - Thai Patio

Manny and his wife Audi moved to the United States from Thailand with a dream to open up a Thai restaurant . Manny works seven days a week as a cook at the restaurant. They were paying over $2,200 a month in processing fees.

Thai Patio was already using Clover, however with no training and a system that didn't have a front facing screen, they were missing out on customer tips for their employees. We trained the staff fully on how to operate a Clover Duo for a better customer and staff experience.

They had a beautiful large outside patio that we supplied a Clover Flex to so they can quickly fire orders to the kitchen increasing profits.

Before SmarterSwipe they were paying $150 per month for online ordering where as our native integration costs $0.

After just one month of processing they saved $1,985.45. Over the course of the year they have saved over $20,000.

- Streamlined online ordering
- Implemented devices and training that made sense specific for this business
- Increased employee and customer satisfaction

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