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The future of payments is here. With recent law changes and advancement in technology your business can pay ZERO percent in card processing.



This allows you to pass a convenience fee to your customers who pay by card and at the same time, gives a discount to your cash buyers. SIGN UP NOW to save 100% on out of pocket processing fees.


The Cash Discount Program covers the cost of a credit card transaction by adding a small fee into the price of an item or service when using a credit card versus a traditional payment method (cash or check). When a customer pays with cash our technology automatically calculates a discount and applies the discount at checkout. 


The merchant receives a deposit for 100% of the sales. No more paying processing fees out of the merchants sales. Merchant then only pays a flat monthly fee at the end of the month

No Obligation Sign-Up

There is no upfront cost, your business will receive warranty covered leased equipment with next day funding available. 

Get Rid of Fees

Cash discount is applied to transactions for customers who pay with cash.

Eliminate Processing fees, junk fees, and out of pocket transaction fees ensuring you get 100% of profits. 

Automated POS Solutions

With our state of the art software and POS equipment, the convenience fee to your customers will automatically be adjusted accordingly.


100% Profit

With one low convenience fee to card buyers and ZERO processing fee to cash buyers, you will keep 100% of the sale!

Zero Processing Fees

Cash Discount eliminates all the processing costs to the business and cash buyers.

Locked-in Rate 

Locked-in rate that does not move.


 The transaction total is charged as one amount on the cardholder statement. This reduces questions from cardholders and prevents chargebacks for unrecognized transactions.

Fair Charges to Customers

There is no need to increase the costs of goods and services to make up for lost profit for credit card processing costs, which is unfair to the customers.

App Solutions

Our software gives you the ability to download apps to scale your business and streamline operation efficiencies. 

Merchant Support

Our staff is fully trained and available 24/7 to offer technical and customer support to our merchants.


SmarterSwipe offers the most competitive rates in the industry with a guarantee satisfaction program that ensures savings. Learn More.


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